ARLA provides a professional landscape architectural and environmental planning service in urban, rural, public and private sector projects. The company follows an interdisciplinary approach whereby we engage with colleagues, specialists and the public at each stage of the project life cycle to ensure design-orientated solutions that fulfill the needs of our clients, stakeholders and the community.  Urban, rural, public and private sector projects, including commercial, residential, recreation projects; covering all aspects landscape architectural and environmental planning practice.

We value the interactive nature of our environment and pursue the particular opportunities and challenges each site presents, and is mindful of the way users will experience it.

ARLA’s aim is to create integrated, adaptable yet stimulating SPACES for PEOPLE that capture the expression of culture within a community and that celebrate its CONTEXT.

SPACES: we strive to create unique and inspirational spaces by finding context specific solutions to address project challenges and user needs.

PEOPLE: we collaborate with our clients/communities to provide solutions that are appropriate, responsive, inclusive and imaginative, and which facilitate, empower and inspire.

CULTURE: although we believe spaces should be flexible and dynamic, we value culture and tradition. These aspects add soul to a project and are essential to its longevity.

WE UNDERTAKE: although our main focus is on public projects, or projects that are accessible to the public, we do private work as well.

Project types include (but are not limited to):

  • Feasibility Studies & Terrain Analyses
  • Landscape Character Assessments & Visual Impact Assessments
  • Master Planning & Site Development Plans
  • Agricultural Estate Planning
  • Campus, School & Church Grounds
  • Sports fields
  • Non-motorised Transport Projects
  • Heritage & Cultural Landscapes
  • Developing Principles & Guidelines for Developments
  • Landscape Sketch Plans
  • Detail Hard & Soft Landscape Designs.

Professional landscape architectural and environmental planning service